"Joe Presser is a uniquely talented animator and editor...he was able to turn a mundane topic into a vibrant story that was extremely compelling, watchable, and even entertaining...consistently on-point and ahead of schedule...able to make all revision requests in a way that satisfied the client while still maintaining the level of artistry and creativity we expect..."

-Adam Loeb, Senior Video Producer, T Brand Studio, The New York Times

-Deanna Urciuoli, Post-Production Supervisor, T Brand Studio, The New York Times


"I've been working with animation and top-tier animators for fifteen years in both broadcast and digital video, and Joe has quickly become my favorite.  his mastery of different styles and aesthetics combined with his unique knack for visual storytelling makes him indispensable...fast, professional, fun to work with, and every time we work together he seems to add some new talent or perspective to the project. very highly recommended!"

- Win Rosenfeld, Director of Special Projects, NBC News, President of Monkeypaw Pictures


"A post-production jack of all trades, Joe can basically do it all. A brilliant animator who works fantastically under pressure with great speed and agility...He never disappoints and always delivers..."

- Jeffrey Eisner, Managing Producer, MSL Studios


"Joe's work and professionalism are awesome...he's my go to guy!"

- Breanne Thomlison, VP, Health and Wellness Innovation, Ruder Finn


"Joe Presser is a joy to work with...a practiced expert in many fields, with a passion for getting his hands dirty..."

- Casey Cohen, Co-founder of Yellow Bird Project