All elements designed, directed, and animated by Joe Presser


nbc mach - mICROCOSMIC

The online science series Microcosmic examines the universe inside our bodies.  The design and animation of this series mixes live footage with 2D animations, photos, and designs for a fermented style that emulates the cosmopolitan nature of our microbiota.  


Scientists and professors predict and discuss their fields' most dangerous problem in the next 10 years.  Hand-drawn designs mix with a collage of textured 2d & 3D animation to seamlessly integrate these professors into the terrifying scenarios they discuss.


Algorithmics explores how data based sets of rules control our everyday life.  To complement the binary nature of the algorithms, I created a simple, geometric flat-vector world with a palette dependent on the content of each episode.  

NyMag - The Science of Us

This funloving series for New York Magazine explores social science and psychology to bring life to helpful tips.  In a limited palette, I created a world of hand-drawn characters from an elephant artist to my own version of Lucy & Ricky.  

nbc better - SOCIAL STUDIES

Social Studies finds self-improvement in pop psychology and socialogy.  Its humor and its warmth lent itself well to a hand-drawn look and fun, bright almost painted on palette.