All elements designed & animated by Joe Presser & Genius Kitchen - IN THE MIX with MATT FX


For & Genius Kitchen’s cooking show “In the Mix” hosted by DJ Matt Fx, I created a title sequence, thirds, and interspersed graphics full of bold colors and cartoon concepts threading music and food.

LOGO IDEAS 1-4-02.jpg
LOGO IDEAS 1-4-01.jpg

NBC NEWS - Skincare A to Z

For Skincare A to Z, I designed a series of title cards and thirds resembling sleek make up labels.

New Romantic Fantasy Characters

These are a bunch of characters I made for a fantasy world. I just like the look of them.

Zephyr Teachout - Campaign Poster

Zephyr Teachout, progressive candidate for NY Governor, needed a poster that spoke to progressives and yet harkened back to the days of the New Deal.